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Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) in Douglas County, Wisconsin.  The purpose of the Southern Douglas County CWPP is to help local communities collaborate with agencies, organizations and homeowners to mitigate wildfire hazards, improve community preparedness, address defensible space and structure integrity, and implement wildfire safety projects that will make a difference in their community in the event of a wildfire. 

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Welcome to the Brule-St Croix  CWPP website!

Did you know that you can see up-to-date information about the fires that are burning in Wisconsin at the click of a mouse?  Click on the map below to see what is happening in Wisconsin today, the past week, or even last year.  If you click on individual fires, you can see information about the size and cause of each fire - (please note, the actual website with this information may show no current fires with changes in weather from day-to-day; this map is from 4/17/2017).  When you couple this with the current fire danger rating, you can start to have a pretty good idea how easily fires could start and spread today.   Remember... "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!"

   April 19, 2017 Wild Prevention Week

:: Current Burning Permit Restrictions & Fire Danger

Partnership & Collaboration

  • Provide opportunities for meaninful discussions among community members and local, state, and federal government representative sregarding their priorities for local fire protection and forest management
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of the National Fire Plan for a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Risk Assessment

  • Identify and map Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) boundairies for communities adjacent to forest lands
  • Identify and evaluate wildfire hazards with an emphasis on Communities-At-Risk

MORE... Fuels Reduction; Structural Vulnerability Reduction; Preparedness/Response; Education and OutReach.

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